Urk and Durk!

These kids live right below us. We've knowh them for a while. They do funny shit and make us laugh a lot. When Urk and Durk aren't drinking each other stupid, they're probably tickling each other or doing their homework.


The international superstar himself. Most people like Ryqui Mickson because of his charming personality, strapping good looks, or taut physique. I like ryqui because I find it funny his parents have sex a lot. Judge for yourself.


I don't think there has ever been a person in the history of the world that didn't like Shiva. And if there is, it'd be cool to meet them, and pay them to kill Shiva.


These kids have to put up with our shit all the time. That probably explains why they're never here. Nevertheless we have a page dedicated to the people that live with us. Wahoo-wa.