The Misadventures of Kris Clowsen!

Here is our favorite Hokie, Clowsen with some of his friends. They are obviously up to good clean fun!

Dhivy get away from that! There's diseases!

Oh what the heck. Here's the uncensored portion of the above picture.

Kris also likes to take part in a variety of recreational activities at Tech, including bong smoking, pipe smoking, blunt smoking, joint smoking, and needlepoint.
Say Kris, are you getting a good hit?

I'd say he did!

Hmmm, seems Kris is missing his loot...

I'll bet one of those stupid Trekkies across the hall has it...

Nope...if it's not with those geeks then...JOHN STERMIN!!!!

John is always bothering Clowsen, which is understandable considering John's shitty room.

Geez! Sorry to offend you Johnny!

Murryanne, what are you doing? No...NOOOOOOOOO!

Here's Kris's grave. We couldn't afford a real gravestone, so we took one.